The Best Vitamins During Pregnancy

There are several essential vitamins during pregnancy you should take. There are certain building blocks that your baby needs in order to be healthy, and others that will help reduce your fatigue, and make you feel better while you’re pregnant.

Although you should always consult with your doctor before embarking on any kind of vitamins during pregnancy regimen, there a few key facts about vitamins during pregnancy to consider on your own.

Vitamins During Pregnancy to Take

First, no supplement will ever take the place of a healthy diet. The best way to get nutrients to your baby is to eat lots of leafy greens, vegetables, fruit and lean protein. Second, not all vitamins are manufactured in a way that lets them absorb well, not even those expensive prenatal prescriptions. Sometimes the coating applied to prenatal vitamins (an additive allowing for easier swallowing) can keep them from being totally absorbed.

The best way to make sure your vitamins during pregnancy are being absorbed is to buy a chewable, liquid or soft gel form.

Here are the specific vitamins during pregnancy to take:

Vitamins During Pregnancy: B Complex with Folic Acid

Taking Folic Acid (B9) during pregnancy has been shown to prevent neural tube defects. Ideally, you’ll be taking this before you conceive, since neural tube problems can happen before you even know you’re pregnant. A good B complex supplement will include Folic Acid. It will also include B12, and B6 which help fight fatigue and depression. You’re probably going to be tired through your first trimester.

Taking a chewable or soft gel B complex will help get your energy back, and be good for your baby at the same time. You need a minimum of 600 mcg of Folic Acid each day.

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