What Do You Know About the World of Nursing Mom Fashion?

From Maternity Fashion to Nursing Fashion

I am personally in the process of transitioning from maternity fashion conquests to a whole new world of nursing fashion pursuits. That said, it’s time to do my homework, and YAY, some more shopping! Word on the “I’ve already had a baby” street is, I’ll need a small arsenal of nursing camis and bras, plus, an assortment of tops that are “breast feeding friendly”. Oh, and let’s not forget nursing-friendly PJs!

So, today after my 39-week appointment at the OB/GYN, I actually purchased my first two nursing bras. I had been holding off on such because again, those mommy veteran friends of mine have put the fear of God in me where the size of my tatas post birth is concerned.

I was one of the “lucky” ones, mine took off in the growth department within seconds of me finding out I was pregnant and managed to surpass my bump in size for the first seven months. So I can’t even imagine them getting bigger. Yet I still feared buying up nursing bras just in case. Today I took the plunge and made a semi-educated guess by buying bras one size up. I’m thrilled to say they’re both super cute and were not budget busting, thanks to Target.

Nursing Tops and You

As for nursing camis, I feel like I want to acquire one snap-strap style and one surplice-bust style, try them out and see which I prefer before I go buck wild buying up breast-feeding tank tops. Because, girls, I know myself and I will go buck wild. I’m wondering which nursing cami/tank styles you prefer… Do tell, would you?

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