Valentine’s Gift Hints for Expectant Dads

Ladies, feel free to forward this article to your sweetheart.

Guys, surprise her with reservations at your favorite restaurant, or try that new place the two of you keep talking about. It’s Valentine’s Day and you will be among dozens and dozens of other couples who are looking to make their days just as special. So … you’ll need to step up your game.

Surprise Gifts for Expectant Moms

Call ahead to the restaurant and request a special table where the two of you can enjoy great conversation without a lot of traffic from the wait staff or loud noises from the bar. Ask if they serve non-alcoholic champagne or wine; if they don’t, can you bring your own bottle?

Expectant Dads, here are ideas of valentine's gifts

Your baby’s mother needs to know that you find her attractive, even as her belly grows! Nothing says, “Hi, Gorgeous!” better than classic diamond-stud earrings. Or, start an add-a-charm bracelet with charms that symbolize your time together””your birthday, her birthday, a special anniversary””and later add charms for your babies’ birthdays and other significant milestones.

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