The Top 7 Benefits of a Pregnancy Exercise Routine

4. Your Body is in Better Shape for Childbirth ““ When you exercise regularly, your body will be in shape for labor and delivery. Did you know that a major pregnancy exercise benefit is that you may have a shorter labor, and even a less painful one?

5. Less Stress ““ Parenthood is a life-changing event that comes with a lot of stress. Pregnancy exercise can actually decrease your stress level, since it boosts the level of serotonin in your brain. This brain chemical is related to mood, so higher levels of serotonin, the happier and less stressed you feel.

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6. Better Body Image ““ Let’s face it. When you’re expecting and your body just keeps getting larger and larger, this can be disheartening. A wonderful pregnancy exercise benefit is that you generally feel better about yourself and your body. Working out regularly will help you gain the right amount of weight, and you have a more positive outlook on what’s happening with your body. Thank you, serotonin!

7. Get Your Old Body Back Sooner ““ Another pregnancy exercise perk is that you will have an easier time regaining your old body after childbirth. Since a regular workout routine during pregnancy strengthens and tones your muscles, it’s easier for you to lose your pregnancy pounds after your baby is born.

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