Top 5 Funniest Maternity Halloween Costumes

Top 5 Funniest Maternity Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a festive time of the year and a chance to sport your favorite costume all while having a little fun. For pregnant women with a growing tummy, however, finding a cute and funny costume can be a frustrating challenge. Rather than hiding a baby bump, embrace it with these five comical costumes that will have friends and family smiling at your creativity.

1. Bun in the oven: Available in numerous online costume shops, this cute costume takes advantage of the “bun in the oven” expression by turning you into a stove with a visible loaf of bread baking right at belly height. Streamlined with a black shirt and pants, this adorable outfit is sure to make you the hit of any party.

2. Pumpkin in the patch: Everyone loves a pumpkin patch in the fall, so why not turn your baby belly into a big jack- o’- lantern? With a little orange, black and green body paint, your tummy can be transformed into a funny or scary pumpkin face. To give your pumpkin a “patch”, wear green clothing with some fabric or felt cut in the shape of vines and leaves.

3. Fish Bowl: This is a classic costume. Leave others laughing when they see your baby bump painted as a fish bowl complete with fish. Create a bowl for your fish by utilizing finger paint on your belly to create the look you desire. For the fish, stick some goldfish snacks on your stomach with honey or any mild adhesive. As an added touch, keep the goldfish snacks box with you to pass out or snack on them yourself.

4. Sports player: Are you tired of people comparing your baby belly to a basketball? Take advantage of this expression by creating a funny costume that people will remember for years. Using body paint, paint your belly your favorite sport’s ball. Although basketball is a popular choice, baseball and tennis are just as fun. Choose an outfit that fits a uniform for the sport of your choice. For basketball, select a pair of active wear shorts and sports bra to complete your costume. Baseball players can go for baseball pants and a ball cap. Tennis players can add a racket, ponytail and tennis skirt.

5. Watermelon: This costume is so cute and funny, you might have people wanting to take a bite out of your belly. Body paint can transform your pregnant tummy into a mouthwatering fresh watermelon with a variety of green markings, seeds and bright reddish colors. Add leaves and vines by using felt or fabric attached to a green shirt for the full garden effect. Your belly will look like a ripe piece of fruit ready to be picked.

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