Top 5 Fall Fashion Must-haves for the Postpartum Stylista

4) Plush and Furry

A plush rush of something faux furry always looks great on the cuff trim of a smart dress or jacket, could be on the cuff of a boot, or you could go all out in a faux fur coat!  No matter which style direction you end up taking, the fluffy volume of faux-fur serves you well! It really does offset any extra post-baby volume you might still be carrying.

5) Chiffon Dresses, Girls!

Sheer beauty… sensuous chiffon dresses. They’re fabulous, flowy, easy and even breezy””romantic sheer dresses are perfect for layering, I suggest a pair of opaque control tights and a long cape-like cardigan. You’ll feel feminine and gorgeous in this flattering postpartum-friendly look.

Incorporate any one or all of these fall fashion trends to put a little bit of chic into your busy day as a new mom. Happy fall dressing and congrats on your new baby! We love hearing from you, questions and comments welcome.  Thanks for stopping through!



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