Top 5 Fall Fashion Must-haves for the Postpartum Stylista

Your Bundle of Joy is Here in Time for Fall Fashion

So, you’ve recently given birth to your precious little bundle of joy, have you? Let me guess, whilst all caught up in the thrills and trials of newborn-land, you’ve found yourself unable to even think about what you’ll be wearing this fall. Trust me, I get it, I’m presently in your same shoes. But, there’s absolutely no reason said shoes can’t be chic little wedge booties!

1) Wedge Booties

Hey! I’m not joking, get thyself some wedge booties. You’ll be surprised what a couple inches of height can do for your transitioning post-pregnancy body.  They also happen to be so in this season! And in addition to that they are practical to wear while carrying your baby!

2) Poncho or Cape? Both?

What else? A sweater poncho or cape have to be on the list! They can be seen across fashion week runways and on the streets of the most savvy style cities. Capes and ponchos are fashionable, warm, chic and postpartum-tummy concealing for this fall.

3) Wear the Poncho or Cape with…

Corduroy or velvet leggings are a perfect match with a poncho or cape! And don’t just reach for utilitarian black, gray or khaki. Color is your friend. And leggings are blessed with that comfort elastic waist that works beautifully with the postpartum waist and tummy. My favorite corduroy leggings are by Hue. Note: I wore their denim leggings and cargos all summer while pregnant.

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