Tips to Create and Use Your Pregnancy Journal

Another nice idea is to write letters to the baby, telling him or her about this time in your life.  As she grows up, she’ll be interested in hearing about who you were before she was born, and what you were thinking about when you were pregnant.

How Often Should I Write?

This is up to you; some women opt to write every day, others every week.  Still others write only whenever they feel like it.

And Don’t Forget…

Baby pictures and hospital momentos!  Keep a copy of the birth certificate and other documentation from the hospital.  You can get an ink pad and include a stamp of baby’s foot or hands, though more and more hospitals will provide this for you.  You can have family members write letters to the baby, and of course include one from you and your husband.  Write out your birth story and your feelings surrounding labor and delivery.

Your pregnancy journal is an incredible project that is only bound by your imagination.  Use the ideas listed above and some of your own to create a beautiful pregnancy journal that contains wonderful memories for you and your family.

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