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A Pregnancy Journal is Amazing

A pregnancy journal is an amazing place to record your pregnancy.  Although it doesn’t seem like it now, your pregnancy will end and you will probably forget a lot of the little details.  You can use this incredible tool to record everything related to your pregnancy; where you were when you found out, how you found out, how you told your family, your symptoms, cravings and feelings about the pregnancy.

Choosing a Journal

You have many different options for a pregnancy journal.  You can purchase a premade journal specifically for this task, a beautiful writers notebook, or even just a plain notebook from an office supply store.  What matters is that you write in it on a regular basis; whatever type of journal you choose.

There are many ways that you can personalize your journal.  Check out the scrapbooking section of your local craft store or online scrapbooking store.  You can find stickers, special paper, paper punches, decorative scissors and other embellishments.  Dress up the pages to personalize your story.

Another popular option is to start an online journal, or blog.  You can get a free blogging platform at either wordpress or blogspot that are very easy to set up and maintain.  You have the option to either keep it private or let others read what you wrote as well.  It can be a nice way to share information about the pregnancy to your friends or loved ones who you don’t get to see very often.

What to Write

You can use your journal to record the details of your pregnancy.  In addition to the suggestions listed above, keep track of the information from your doctor about the baby ““ estimated weights, your testing results, gender, etc.

Also, keep track of your symptoms and strange cravings.  You can write out your birth plan and the items you registered for.  Keep information and memories from your baby shower, and of course all of your baby bump pictures.

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