Tips for Handling Pesky Back Labor Pains

During labor, some women experience what is referred to as “back labor pains.” This is a painful type of labor, and knowing what it is and how to handle it can ease your pain.

Back labor is a term medical personnel use to describe labor that is felt in the lower back, just above the tailbone. It is more likely to occur when a baby enters the birth canal face up instead of the normal position of face down.

Relief for Back Labor Pains

You cannot prevent back labor pains, but you can ease the discomfort while you are laboring to bring your beautiful baby into the world.

Ease back labor pains

Get off your back, take a walk, do some squats or lunges, or sit on a birthing ball. Use your partner for balance! Relieving back labor is all about repositioning the baby as much as possible. Doing pelvic tilts and hula-hooping (believe it or not!) can also relieve back labor pains.

Give your partner, your parents or whoever is in the birthing room with you something to do. Use cold or hot compresses and apply strong counter-pressure on the lower back. Bring a tennis ball or hollow rolling pin to massage painful areas.

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