Fashionable, Transitional Maternity Wear

Seven Months Pregnant in a Dress

That’s me to the right, seven months pregnant, in a stretchy A-line dress. Your personal style has no choice but to undergo major change from the day you learn of your pregnancy to the day your baby arrives, right? Well, perhaps not. But it is vital that you stock up on transitional maternity wear, fashionable looks that will take you from conception to delivery. Sounds impossible doesn’t it? Well I beg to differ having just done it myself.  Of course, during those first three months of pregnancy, most of us can get by wearing our regular wardrobe. Should your pants get a bit snug in the waist/tummy, there’s an easy solution! Simply get yourself a couple belly bands, they’ll enable you to stay in your favorite jeans and pants longer.

Next piece of maternity fashion advice I have for you””stretchy knits are your style BFF. This applies to tops, dresses, pants and skirts. Knits are flattering on any body type, they’re comfortable and most important for your growing bump, they stretch.

When it comes to both tops and dresses seek out empire-waist and A-line designs, as these silhouettes are the most transitional on your maternity fashion journey. I’ve said it before and find it so worth repeating, seek out flowy, exotic tunic tops and dresses too. You’ll feel and look gorgeous in this timeless and easy style.

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