The Ultimate List of Helpful Teenage Pregnancy Facts

Photo Credit: Bina Sveda

2 in 5 Teens will be Pregnant Before Age 20

It is a teenage pregnancy fact that two in five teenagers will get pregnant before they turn twenty. Since four of five of these teen pregnancies are unintended, teen mother delay receiving prenatal care. This puts the unborn child at risk for complications.

An important teenage pregnancy fact is that the bodies of adolescents are still growing and developing, and they need more nutritional help to ensure that both their needs and their baby’s needs are met. Nutritional counseling is often part of routine prenatal care for teenage pregnancy; however, getting a teen pregnant mom to get all the nutrients and vitamins that she needs for a healthy pregnancy is rough because teens have unhealthy dietary habits ““ such as skipping meals, snacking, dieting, eating fast foods, and eating outside of the home.

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