A Guide to Teenage Pregnancy Resources and Support Systems

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Teenage Pregnancy is Especially Scary

Pregnancy and parenting are daunting enough, but teenage pregnancy is especially scary for the thousands of young women facing it each year. From making an incredibly difficult decision about their pregnancy to having to tell their parents and partners to dealing with their first pelvic exam, pregnant teens (and their partners and parents) have an awful lot to deal with. Thankfully, there are a number of places that support the issues associated with teenage pregnancy.

The American Pregnancy Helpline
This organization provides an abundance of helpful information about teenage pregnancy, your options and even a free and confidential hotline that you can call to ask your specific questions. There’s also a section for dads-to-be and family members.

This website offers a tremendous amount of information about teenage pregnancy and adoption. They provide a great deal of adoption resources, including lists of resources, adoption agencies, potential adoptive parents and lists of attorneys and therapists. This site is great for anyone considering adoption as an alternative to parenting.

Option Online
This site provides access to an emergency hotline or email address 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Trained counselors are available to speak with anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy. Not specific to teenage pregnancy, they can give you information about your options and just be available to talk.

This article provides a great deal of information for parents of pregnant teens. It describes ways that parents can support their teens through this difficult time and the specific issues that teen parents face.

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