The Truth About Pregnancy & Old Wives’ Tales

TRUTH: This is also false. Most pregnant women deal with heartburn, and a fair number of babies are born with quite a bit of hair. However, you can have lots of heartburn and end up with a bald baby or have minimal heartburn and have a baby with a head full of hair.


TALE: Avoid taking baths while pregnant. The theories behind this myth are that bacteria from the bath water can enter the pregnant mama’s uterus and make the baby sick or drown the baby.

TRUTH: Water doesn’t enter the vagina during a bath. You can’t drown an unborn baby who is already swimming in fluids and getting his or her oxygen through the placenta. The only consideration when taking a bath while pregnant is to be sure the water isn’t too hot (over 98-degrees). Water that is too warm can increase the risk for birth defects.

While old wives’ tales and myths about pregnancy are all over the place, remember to take everything with a grain of salt.  And run ideas by your medical professional. Chances are they’ve heard them. Murry says her advice to her patients is to be logical: “Let’s look at what we know to be true about our bodies and the baby. Don’t argue with Aunt Mavis, because you’re not going to change her mind, but feel secure in your own normalcy and the normalcy of your baby.”

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