The Vital Role of hCG in Early Pregnancy Monitoring

• Very high starting levels can indicate multiples, though this can’t be confirmed until the ultrasound. High hcg levels don’t always mean that you are having twins, but may.
• Very high levels that rise rapidly (much faster than doubling every two days) can indicate a possible molar pregnancy.
• Very low levels that don’t rise appropriately and begin to fall can indicate a miscarriage.
• Low levels that plateau in conjunction with very low progesterone levels can indicate a possible ectopic pregnancy.

Please keep in mind that the above list of examples is not appropriate in every case and is not meant to be inclusive of every possibility. Please make sure to consult your doctor with any questions about your particular clinical situation.

In most natural conceptions, the doctor does not measure hcg levels quite so frequently. However, a pregnancy that occurred while under the care of a fertility specialist may require advanced and careful monitoring in the beginning. HCG plays an important role in pregnancy and pregnancy monitoring and should only be interpreted by your physician.

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