The Pediatrician Interview: What to Ask

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You most likely screened several OB/GYNs before settling on the doc that would help you bring your baby into the world, but who will care for your newborn once he or she arrives? It is never too early to find a qualified pediatrician for your little one. Finding a doctor you trust and feel comfortable with is of the utmost importance, and knowing what questions to ask is the first step.

Where do I start?

Start your search by looking through the local phone directory or searching online. Consider also asking family members or friends with children for recommendations. Your insurance company can also provide a list of covered pediatricians in your area, or utilize the help of the American Academy of Pediatrics by searching Once you have a list of possible pediatricians, call each office and set-up an initial consultation to meet with the doctor.

What questions do I ask the pediatrician?

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