The Secrets to Making a Shopping List for Newborn Baby without Breaking Your Budget

There are many sites available to pregnant women to get coupons for formula, bottles, diapers, and many more items that you don’t want to buy used. The manufacturer’s sites, like Enfamil or Similac, often have clubs that you can join. They put your name on a mailing list and mail you valuable coupons. They send you enough coupons that you shouldn’t need to pay full price for formula for the first year.

Dollar Stores
Dollar stores can be a great place to stock up on inexpensive items that your baby will need, such as powders, lotions, sippy cups, pacifiers and so on. Just be sure to buy plastic products that specify that they are BPA free.

Department stores and large baby stores often have electronic registries available to new moms. Taking the time to fill in exactly what and how much of it you need, can direct any friends or families into getting you any needed essentials. Creating and using the registry is free, and can even be viewed online for some of the larger stores like Babies R Us.

Making a shopping list for your newborn baby can be fun, but getting all that you need without breaking the bank can be tricky. Following this advice will help you get what you need at a price you can afford.

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