The Secrets to Making a Shopping List for Newborn Baby without Breaking Your Budget


The Pregnancy Shopping List

At some point in your pregnancy, you’re going to begin making a shopping list for your newborn baby. If money is tight, or if you don’t want to overspend, then you might need to get creative in getting all the things that your baby will need. The following are some tips on where to get newborn baby items without breaking your budget.

Resale Shops
Resale shops are goldmines when it comes to getting clothes for babies. Babies outgrow their clothes so quickly that it doesn’t make sense to buy brand new clothes if you’re on a budget. For the same price as one department store outfit, you can get four or five outfits from a resale shops. Look for resale shops that specialize in baby and children’s clothing.

Cheap Diapers
You can get inexpensive diapers without having to sacrifice quality. Programs like the Amazon Mom’s Club offer heavily discounted diapers coupled with free shipping. This makes the daily diaper price hard to beat. Other sources of inexpensive diapers are supermarket sales. Watch the weekly circulars for any diaper sales; just be sure to look at the per diaper price, because different packaging can make what looks like a great deal, not such a great deal.

Craft Fairs
Craft fairs can be a great place to get unique items for the baby’s room, or for the baby itself. Just be careful you don’t buy toys with small, removable parts, or even small bits, like buttons, that can easily fall off and present a choking hazard.

Garage Sales
Garage sales are a budget conscious mother’s mecca of great deals. You can find anything at garage sales, from baby clothing to cribs and other pieces of furniture. Garage sales are a great source for baby toys, walkers, bouncers, strollers and other essentials that can be quite costly if purchased new. Just be sure to fully sanitize the toys and any other pieces you purchase.

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