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Clear Blue Digital Pregnancy Test

Many women have misread traditional pregnancy tests, which is why the Clear Blue Digital pregnancy test is a great option.  The manufacturers have designed the test using a digital format instead of the traditional one line/two line option.  What this means is that you will get a clear answer ““ Pregnant or Not Pregnant ““ in the results window instead of having to interpret the results yourself.

Choosing a pregnancy test is an important task.  You’ll want a test that’s accurate, sensitive, easy to read and cost efficient.  With the variety of tests available, it can be hard to know which one to choose. Though Clear Blue Digital is a little more expensive than some of the other tests on the market, you don’t have to worry about misinterpreting the test results, and the test can be used as early as four days before your missed period.  According to, the test will detect urine hcg levels as low as 25 IU.

How the Test Works

After conception, the fertilized embryo implants in the uterine lining, known as the endometrium.  After implantation, the embryo begins to secrete very small amounts of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin, which is responsible for many of the physiological changes associated with pregnancy.  The level of hormone doubles every two to three days, increasing rapidly.  Home pregnancy tests detect the level of this hormone in the urine.  The more sensitive the test is (i.e. the lower the amount of hcg it can detect), the sooner the test will turn positive.

Keep in mind that some medications, including some common fertility drugs, contain hcg and will therefore turn the test positive, even if you are not pregnant.  If you are on fertility treatments, always check with your doctor or nurse about when you should take a pregnancy test.


Use the Clear Blue Digital Pregnancy test as you would any other test; urinate on the stick for five seconds.  Alternatively you can collect your urine in a cup and then dip the test strip into the cup for five seconds.  Replace the cover and put the test down flat on the counter top with the results window facing up and wait approximately 3 minutes.  You should see a little hourglass symbol in the window that indicates that the test is working.

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