The Benefits of Baby Life Insurance

Every year, millions of Americans sign up for baby life insurance policies, but millions more wonder how this can be an effective spend. Are you one of the many with questions? Have you wondered if your family should invest in baby life insurance? Read on as we reveal the benefits of this financial tool.

  • Accrued Cash Value

Baby life insurance can mean added financial security in your child’s future. Many baby life insurance policies have a cash value that grows over the child’s lifetime. Depending on your policy, the cash value can grow to be quite substantial. When your child is an adult, the money can often be withdrawn if you purchased a whole policy, not a term policy. It can also be used as collateral for a loan (with low interest). Or used to pay college tuition.

benefits baby life insurance

Child Whole Life Policies with GerberLife

  • Future Insurability

Another benefit, baby life insurance protects your child’s future insurability. For example, if your child develops an illness ““ such as diabetes or cancer ““ he or she may have a difficult time buying insurance later in life. If you’ve bought baby life insurance, he or she will still have insurance coverage.

  • Premium Locked for Life

The least expensive time to buy life insurance is when your child is still an infant since premiums are calculated using your child’s age when you first apply. The younger your child is when you apply, the cheaper the premium. Most baby life insurance companies guarantee this premium will never increase, even if your child develops health problems as they grow.

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