Ten Must-Have Items for Baby in 2012

Big brands and boutique labels have brought us some intriguing baby products, and some of them, we predict, will stay strong in 2012. Check our list of baby favorites for what’s hot now and what’s expected to remain an “it” item over the next several months. Don’t let your little one fall behind the trends in the New Year.


Puj tub in aqua

Described as a�?the coolest thing evera�? by Gwen Stefani, the Hushamok sleeping hammock is a must have for colicky and unsettled babes. The stylish and eco-friendly sleeper offers a natural, self-soothing motion that will help you – and your baby – get a full nighta��s rest. ($400)

Aden + Anais Muslin Wraps

Celebrity product of choice, aden + anais wraps are made from 100 percent muslin cotton. The lightweight muslin allows air to circulate, while still providing comfort and warmth. Adios, overheating. It’s the perfect swaddle! FYI smart shoppers: muslin cotton stands up to repeated washings, only becoming softer with age. (4-pack for $50)

The Adiri Nurser

Make a splash with the Adiri nurser. Designed to mimic a mothera��s breast, these ‘unusually-shaped’ bottles make the transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding a breeze. And, they often draw priceless reactions from relatives and bystanders. ($10 – $15)

The Svan High Chair

If the combination of ‘high’ and ‘chair’ conjures up images of bright, shiny, metallic monstrosities, take heart. The Svan High Chair is an organic, clean and stunning alternative. And ita��s more than just another pretty chair. Ita��s environmentally-friendly and ergonomically designed to grow with your babe. It had us at hello. ($260)

Can you buy valtrex in mexico Puj Tub

Named a�?Product of the Yeara�? by a�?Pregnancy and Newborn,a�� the Puj Tub is a modern miracle. Ita��s eco-friendly, PVC-free, BPA-free, and a dream to use, fitting just about any sink. At less than an inch thick, ita��s also easy to store. Currently, it is only available in white, but kiwi (pictured) and aqua are coming soon. Perhaps ita��s time to see what all the fuss is about. ($40)A�

Little Twig Bath Care

If youa��re obsessing over your wee onea�?s bath products, Little Twig might interest you. Free of harmful parabens, sulfates and phthalates, Little Twig offers a pure and hypo-allergenic alternative. The fragrances – calming lavender and happy tangerine – offer a zesty freshness you wona��t find on the supermarket shelf.

Doctor Ta��s Supergoop

Hailed by celebrities and mere mortals alike, Doctor Ta��s Supergoop is the be-all and end-all of baby sunscreen. Presented with the Gold Triangle Award by the American Academy of Dermatology, Supergoop offers an SPF of 30+ without the harmful chemicals and endocrine disruptors. Sheer perfection that is safe for older babies and toddlers.

The Sakura Bloom Baby Sling

Do you want to incorporate the two aspects of your personality – doting mother and stylista? Look no further. The Sakura Bloom Baby Sling completes any ensemble. The sling also adjusts to any shape and offers exceptional support. (Linen: $88; Silk: $180)

Boon’s Latest

The brain-child of designer Rebecca Finell, Boon offers sleek, stylish and functional solutions to all things baby. From fanciful forward-facing bookshelves to ‘fresh’ bathtub organizers, each product is a piece of art. Admittedly, we can’t choose just one. So take a look at all their new products, which are sure to be seen with 2012’s hippest moms.


A hybrid of the traditional cloth and disposable diaper, the gDiaper has taken the baby world by storm. Both eco-friendly and adorably stylish, this diaper has it all. Green moms unite. Embrace the simplicity and feel good about it! (Shown: gBaby Bundle $150)

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