An Important Guide to Taking Short Family Road Trips with Kids

Finding Family Time is Important

My husband and I both work full time and just like most families where both parents work, our evenings are filled with dinner, bath, stories, bedtime and then we take care of the house. We have very little time to just enjoy our children and each other as a family.

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Early in our marriage we tried to travel as much as we could.  When our children were infants we continued to travel, but by then they were usually short family road trips.

We found that if you have the correct gear, traveling with a baby isn’t that hard. A pack & play is essential to making short family road trips easier. Often, the baby is familiar with it from home so it gives him some comfort in an otherwise unfamiliar place.

Another great piece of equipment for traveling with a baby is a travel swing. By the time our third baby arrived, we needed a new swing anyway and this time we just went ahead and bought a travel swing to use at home as well. It folds up easily and can be packed into a car without taking up much room at all.

“The Lodge” is Our Favorite Short Family Road Trip

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