You Can Stay Cool While Pregnant in Shorts and Sundresses

It Is Hot And You Are Pregnant! Yuck!

Holy cow, it’s hot out! And to make matters worse, you’re pregnant, this compounds the heat by leaps and bounds doesn’t it? Grrr. So not only are you contending with how to stay stylish whilst pregnant, but also how to stay stylish and cool. No worries. No, seriously””with a few key fashions you’ll feel breezy and beautiful despite the rising temps and your growing bump, I promise.

The Sundress

First, I’m going to insist you treat yourself to a bevy of chic little sundresses. They are versatile, they are flattering, they are flirty and they are cool! Build up your stock of summery dresses in splashy patterns, floral prints and solids. Look for empire waists, kimono styles and A-line silhouettes. Do your best to steer clear of synthetic fabrics. They’ll cause you to perspire more. Cotton is your BFF in hot summer months (in both knit fabrications and woven). Silk blends work well too when it comes to avoiding overheating, especially lightweight silk chiffons.

Now, before you go racking up a massive bill at your favorite boutique, comb your own closet. I personally found a number of sundresses lurking there that totally worked beautifully with my bump. Dig them out and put on a little fashion show for yourself. Then, go shopping based upon your finds.

The Short

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