Snack Your Way Through Pregnancy

Snacking  is a great way to meet your daily caloric intake when expecting, and it provides a steady supply of nutrients to your developing baby. Snacking on healthy foods throughout the day can also keep your energy levels up, prevent fatigue, and reduce the severity of some pregnancy symptoms including the dreaded morning sickness. Nausea is often worse when you are operating on an empty stomach.

pregnancy snacking

The key to pregnancy snacking is to avoid overeating.

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends moms-to-be add only 300 extra calories to their regular diet. Adding healthy snacks in between normal meals can help you easily achieve this calorie requirement.

Choose healthy
Although chips and soft drinks may seem appetizing, they are loaded with unhealthy fat and empty calories. Your baby won’t get any helpful nutrients from these snacks. Instead, choose healthy alternatives. For example, munch on almonds or nuts instead of a bag of chips. Instead of candy, why not trail mix or dried fruit slices?

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