A Look at Sleeping Well with a Maternity Pillow

Having Trouble Sleeping?

Having trouble sleeping is a very common symptom of pregnancy. As your body grows to provide for the baby inside your uterus, it can become difficult to get comfortable in bed. Because those expecting a new baby need to get as much rest as possible to prepare for 3:00am feedings, a maternity pillow is a solution that can help reduce, or perhaps eliminate the problems associated with sleeping.

Different Styles of Maternity Pillows

Maternity pillows are offered in a few different styles, depending on the brand and the goals of the comfort device. Most are long pillows designed to be used by the entire body. Many sleeping positions are eliminated as the pregnancy progresses. It is highly not recommended to sleep on your back after the fourth month, and it’s impossible to sleep on your stomach once it gets too large. The only options are side sleeping, which many people may not be too fond of, making it more difficult for them to go to sleep and stay that way all night.

Maternity Pillows are for Snuggling

With a maternity pillow however, you can position your body so that it is almost like you are sleeping on your stomach or back. The long body pillows are curved in the right places so you can snuggle up against them and feel more comfortable. Some come with neck or knee support, decreasing the chances of pain in these areas after sleeping in a specific position all night long. It is important to choose a good maternity pillow that is supportive to your body. There are many different brands and models that you can try.

Some of the best maternity pillows on the market include:

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