Skin Darkening During Pregnancy

Can I prevent the discoloration or lessen it?

To help avoid or decrease skin darkening, up your folic acid intake. Studies have shown that having a folate deficiency can be related to skin discolorations during pregnancy. Also, consuming green leafy vegetables, whole grains, asparagus, broccoli and fresh fruits ensures your skin receives important nutrients.

Photo credit by: Michaelmelrose

Since mask of pregnancy is known to occur more on sun-exposed skin, avoid excess exposure to sunlight and use sunscreen daily. A minimum SPF of 15 is recommended. While in the sun, wear a hat and long sleeves especially if you tend to have sun-sensitive skin. It may also help to avoid irritating your skin by staying away from strong soaps and abrasive cleansers.

Concealer can’t make these patches disappear altogether, but it is a great temporary solution. However, do not use skin bleaches or other chemically based lightening treatments during pregnancy. Peels and lasers are also not recommended during pregnancy.

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