6 Quick and Easy Tips to do when Preparing for Sonogram (Ultrasound)

The First Sonogram

For some moms-to-be, a first sonogram is almost exciting as actually delivering her baby, therefore preparing for her sonogram is very important to make it a success.

Below are my six quick and easy tips for preparing for your sonogram:

1.  Learn your doctor’s expectations – Your doctor will tell you what is expected as far as whether he wants you to have a full bladder. This is sometimes required to ensure that they get a good view of the baby. This step, rarely popular with women who are rushing to the bathroom every hour, is necessary though. At one sonogram, I literally jumped off the table and darted to the ladies room before I even got the sonogram gel wiped off my belly.

2.  Wear something loose-fitting ““ I recommend wearing pants and a top. Usually, you can just lift your shirt up and pull the top of your pants down low enough for them to perform the sonogram. For my first sonogram I wore a dress and ended up much more exposed (and colder) than necessary.

3.  Ask about recording ““ Some, but not all, facilities will allow for your ultrasound to be recorded to CD/DVD. Ask about this beforehand so you can bring the CD/DVD. With my second pregnancy, I just assumed it would be OK and showed up with the disc in hand just to be sorely disappointed when we were told that it was against their policy.

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