Shopping for Maternity Bras & Nursing Bras in 4 Easy Tips

Bras Aren’t All About Sexy Anymore

Oh wow! Suddenly bras aren’t all about feeling sexy and/or lending a cleavage-creating boost to what mother nature gave you. You’re starting to notice that “the girls” are on a mission all their own: preparation for your future baby! Then out of nowhere you’re seeing pregnancy bras in maternity boutiques and all over online pregnancy sites. Oh boy! Or girl… but another thing to figure out on this wild ride called pregnancy.

For me personally, the only special bra I needed while pregnant was a bigger one! With more support too, of course. In hindsight, I would have purchased said bigger bras in the nursing bra section to kill two birds with one stone!

So, tip one, when you do notice it’s time to size up your bra during your pregnancy, consider buying one or two nursing bra styles. I recommend this even if you’re on the fence about breastfeeding.

Tip two, plan on trying on loads of bras to find the right size, fit and comfort for your ever-changing body. You can do this in stores, or utilize a website with a fair returns and exchanges policy.

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