Sharon Osborne Says She Will Be “Grandmother from Hell”

The Osborne family is preparing for their first grandchild, and Osborne matriarch Sharon Osborne is not planning on holding back her affection from the baby, due to her son Jack and his fiancée Lisa Stelly in April, reports.

"I am going to be the grandmother from hell because I am going to spoil this baby so bad," she told People Magazine. "My son and Lisa are going to be like, 'Get her out of here!'"

However, the soon-to-be-grandmother is not going to buy baby stuff until he or she is actually born, saying that she is very superstitious, the news outlet reports. Still, she can say that she is extremely excited to welcome a new member of the Osborne clan.

"It just gets better and better, the thought of it, as we're getting closer and closer," she told the publication. "I'm getting more and more excited."

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