Safe Pregnancy Workouts for Mother and Baby

Safe Pregnancy Workouts: Yoga

Yoga is a relaxing way to keep flexible and fit during pregnancy. It makes muscles stronger and helps a woman to relax while improving her circulation. The principles of yoga can come in handy during labor, namely the controlled breathing techniques.

Once past the first trimester, pregnant women should avoid yoga positions that require lying on the back, as this can cut off blood flow to the heart.

About Safe Pregnancy Workouts

Safe Pregnancy Workouts: Weight Training

Weight training is not only one of the safe pregnancy workouts, it is also one of the best to prepare for the rigors of childbirth. It makes the muscles around joints strong and limber and may keep a woman from becoming injured during the pregnancy.

A woman should reduce the usual amount of weight she lifts by half and increase repetitions for the same benefits she would get otherwise. The woman should also be aware of her breathing and to stop lifting if she starts holding her breath.

While safe pregnancy workouts do not generally cause problems, a pregnant woman experiencing any pain, dizziness, bleeding, swelling or problems with vision should stop exercising immediately and contact her doctor.

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