True Reflections Of A Mother: My First Trimester

This is Happening! I’m Pregnant!

It dawned on me as I sat in a chair at the hair salon having my hair done. It was an overwhelming realization and sensation that overcame me all at once. “I think I’m pregnant. No, I really do. Oh my gosh.”

I drove home that evening shaking. In fact, I shook all the way into my house and up my stairs and into my bathroom where I believed I had a pregnancy test somewhere.  I locked myself in the room, followed instructions and saw that test turn positive far faster than the box said it would. Then  I saw stars. I spun around in my room, not gracefully, more in a dizzy stupor. I. Was. Freaking. Out. About three minutes later I walked downstairs and handed the positive pregnancy test to my husband without saying a word. I was speechless. Stunned. Happy, but crazy! He was thrilled.

And from there on out life was kind of nuts. Reflecting back on my first trimester, I remained in shock and disbelief. It just didn’t seem real. But I couldn’t help shopping for baby right away, in case it was! My first purchase?  A fuzzy faux-fur hoodie with teddy bear ears that very week. And right away I began exploring nursery themes. I did schedule my first ob/gyn appointment, the very next day too. It drove me utterly crazy that they wanted me to wait three weeks to come in.  Those three weeks crawled.

The First Doctors Appointment

At that first appointment I peed in a cup, got weighed, had blood drawn and met my new doctor. She asked about what symptoms I was experiencing, about  my medical history, that sort of thing. Finally I blurted out, “I could really use some proof that this is real before I leave!”

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