6 Key Questions From a Young Couple About Parenthood

Many Couples Have a lot of Questions About Baby

Before having children, many couples have a lot of questions about what to expect once baby arrives. It is a tremendous change, and of course, one that you can’t change back. While life as a twosome is over, life as a threesome (or foursome or fivesome!) is about to begin. What can you expect from this change? Read on for some common questions and their answers!

1) Will we ever sleep again?
The good news first ““ yes, absolutely. The bad news is that it might take a few months. But rest assured, there will be a time when you can get a solid night of sleep. The sooner you start sleep training ““ wait until at least three months ““ the sooner baby will start sleeping through the night.

2) Will we ever have sex again?
Again, yes! It may take a little time; childbirth can be particularly traumatic for a woman. But with a little patience, communication (both between partners and with her doctor, if necessary) and creative scheduling, you can get your pre-baby sex life back on track.

3) Will we have time for us as a couple?
It’s a little difficult with a little one, especially if mom is breastfeeding, simply because baby needs to eat every few hours and mom needs to be there. However, mom can pump her breast milk to make a few bottles so that a babysitter can feed the baby instead. You’ll just want to make sure that baby will drink from a bottle ““ some babies won’t if used to breastfeeding – before you leave her for the first time.

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