How to Protect your Baby from Bugs and the Sun

Protecting Baby from the Sun is a Full Time Job

Protecting your baby is a full time job for anyone.  When it comes to bugs and the sun, a little extra help may be required. During hot summer months bugs become bothersome and the sun can emit harmful rays.
Protection From Sun

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Using sunscreen is a great way to protect your baby. The AAP, however does not recommend that babies be exposed to direct sunlight until over six months of age. Use a stroller or umbrella to keep your baby in the shade. Exposing a baby to direct sunlight is dangerous and can cause their skin to burn.
Dress your child in loose clothing that has a tight weave. A looser weave will let more sun in through the fabric and not protect your baby. Cotton is the best choice and will keep baby cool.
Avoid the sun when exposure is at it peak. Between 10:00am and 4:00pm is when the sun’s rays are the strongest and will do the most harm.
Put a hat on your baby. Hats for infant usually have straps to fasten under their chin to avoid being pulled off. a Hat can protect their face and ears from too much sun.
Many baby specialty store carry itty bitty sunglasses for babies. Equipped with an stretchy band these sunglasses will help protect your baby’s eyes.
Protection From Bugs
Put a protective bug net around you baby’s stroller or playpen. These are made of lightweight netting that will keep most bugs out of your baby’s space.
Use an insect repellent. Use a repellent that has less than %30 DEET listed in the active ingredients. Use sparingly as the side effects are still unknown. Wash repellent off before putting baby to bed or at night. Natural remedies are available, but may not offer the best protection and allergies may occur.
Try using a mesh tent at the beach or in the woods. This can easily be set up and taken down, and can provide you baby a shelter from the insects that lurk.
Dress your baby in light colored clothing in order to spot any bugs that cling to fabric. Long sleeves and long pants with socks will also cover skin providing a barrier between baby and an approaching mosquito.
If heading outdoors, avoid using anything that has a sweet or floral fragrance. Bugs are attracted to smells like this and may view your child as a large flower.
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