The Most Popular Pretty Baby Girl Names

Pretty Baby Girl Names with Positive Connotations

Many people find that the best names are those with positive connotations. They include names like Faith, Grace and Charity. They are pretty baby girl names because they bring positive, light thoughts to mind.

Foreign Names

One recent trend includes using pretty baby girl names from other languages. French names like Amelie, Mathilde and Aurelie are increasingly popular. The same applies to Irish names like Quinn, Teagan and Fiona. Names with unique sounds can be quite appealing.

The most popular pretty baby girl names.

Pretty Baby Girl Names Based on Locations

Some pretty baby girl names are based on locations. Names like London, Paris and Brooklyn are becoming more popular over the years. Some people prefer names that are less specific, like Savannah or Lake.

With so many current naming trends out there, choosing a name is more difficult than ever.

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