The Most Popular Pretty Baby Girl Names

With so many pretty baby girl names out there, it is hard to choose just one to represent a sweet infant. Some people choose to name their babies after the most popular names of the year, while others turn to more unique options. Choosing a beautiful name can be a great gift for your little one.

Pretty Baby Girl Names with Meanings

There are plenty of pretty baby girl names with significant meanings. For instance, Sophia is a Greek name that means “˜wisdom’ with alternatives like Sophie and Sophronia. Emma means “˜all embracing,’ making it a strong name as well. Some people like the meanings associated with historical names, like Athena.

The most popular pretty baby girl names.

Pretty Baby Girl Names Inspired by Nature

Many pretty baby girl names are those inspired by the natural world around us. These are names inspired by flowers, like Violet, Lily and Jasmine. Some are based on gems, like Jade. Others are just based on the weather and other elements you might find outside, like Brooke, Rain, Aurora and Autumn.

Unusual Names

Some of the most beautiful names are those that are generally unheard of. These include Eleora, a Hebrew name meaning light or mercy. Adelyn, Briella and Nyla fit into this category. Though most people have never heard these names before, it is likely they will rise in popularity in the next few years.

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