Preparing your Labor Coach "goldberg" photostream

A labor coach can be extremely useful on the big day if, and only if, the designated individual is well prepared.

So if you can’t afford a Doula or other professional labor coach or you simply would rather have a family member at your side, be sure to review and discuss the following labor coach guidelines.

Decide on a coaching style

Are you a person who does better under pressure, or do you prefer a gentler approach?  Do you want someone who is going to take control of your labor, or simply follow your lead?  Each of us has a different opinion of what will be helpful when we are in a stressful or painful situation. Knowing what will help you the most on that day and communicating your needs/expectations to your labor coach is important.

Of course, you’ll want your coach to be receptive to and respectful of your feelings and needs. If your potential labor coach insists on doing things his or her way, you might want to consider an alternative. It can be helpful for your labor coach to help anticipate your needs and make sure that you have all the comfort items you want.

Get your coach educated

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