Are You Ready to Get Ready for Pregnancy?

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Even Though Pregnancy is a Natural Process

Even though pregnancy is a natural process, it is still important to prepare your body before trying to conceive. Making a few changes in the months before getting pregnant can make a dramatic difference in the health of your pregnancy and baby.


Prenatal Vitamins
Prenatal vitamins are packed full of the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. The most important component is folic acid, which should be a key ingredient in any prenatal vitamin. Taking in adequate amounts of folic acid before and during pregnancy can help prevent birth defects, especially defects of the spine and back. Pregnant women should take a minimum of 400 micrograms each day, though up to 1 milligram is recommended.

There are prenatal vitamins that are available without a prescription; generally speaking, they should be fine for most women to take. Double check, though, to make sure that they have the minimum amount of folic acid. You should also speak with your doctor; she can write you a prescription for prenatal vitamins that have a higher dose of folic acid, and may even be covered by your health insurance.

In the months leading up to pregnancy, focus on eating more whole foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat and whole grains. Drink more water and cut out sodas and sugar-filled juices. You should also try to eliminate artificial sugars and processed foods as much as you can. I know it’s hard, but some of the chemicals in these foods, artificial sweeteners especially, can be harmful to a developing baby.

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