Health Alert: The Importance Preparing your Body for Labor

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Delivering Your Baby is Both Exhausting and Joyous

The anticipation over labor and childbirth can seem both overwhelming and exciting for a pregnant woman. The process of delivering a baby is one of the most exhausting and joyous occasions of a woman’s life. Moms-to-be can start preparing for the big day as soon as they find out they are pregnant.

Eating Healthy

A diet that consists of whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean meats will help keep both you and your baby healthy. Drinking plenty of water can help prevent urinary tract infections, hemorrhoids and excessive swelling. Eating properly and drinking enough fluids will help keep your body strong for labor.


While you may not feel like staying active during some parts of your pregnancy, certain exercises will help prepare your body for labor. Practice squats by standing against a wall or holding onto the back of a chair. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart, approximately six to 12 inches away from the wall. Slowly squat to a seated position. Hold the position for five to 10 seconds.

Strengthen your abdominal muscles by getting on your hands and knees. Keep your head in line with your spine. Slowly inhale then exhale. As you exhale, pull your abdominal muscles in towards your spine. Try to keep your back as straight as possible. Repeat this exercise up to 10 times, a few times per week. Try to stay active as much as possible by taking the stairs instead of the elevator and taking shorts walks around your neighborhood.

Childbirth Classes

At a childbirth class, you will learn pain management techniques, as well as breathing and relaxation methods that you can use during labor. During classes, instructors may also teach you exercises to help prepare your body for labor. You will also be able to discuss any fears or concerns you have over the labor and delivery process. Asking questions, learning about childbirth,and meeting other parents-to-be will also help prepare you emotionally for labor.

Do Kegel’s Daily

A Kegel exercise helps strengthen the muscles of your vagina, as well as the muscles that support your bladder, uterus and bowels. Doing these exercises three times per day will help you have better control over your muscles during delivery. They can also help prevent bladder leakage and hemorrhoids. To locate your kegel muscles, try stopping the flow of urine during urination. The same muscles you use to do this are the ones you will contract during the exercise. Contract the muscles for 10 seconds. Do this up to 20 times at each session, three times per day.

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