Prenatal Vitamins – Which Kind are the Best?

Prenatal Vitamin Tips

Although pregnant women are advised to eat a variety of healthy baby-friendly foods, pregnancy can cause severe nutritional deficiencies even when a strict diet plan is followed. In fact, many doctors recommend a prenatal multivitamin to be taken each day to protect both mother and child and to help a woman’s unborn baby grow into the healthiest newborn possible. Although supplements are not always created equally, women should look to make sure that they contain a good amount of three essential vitamins and minerals: folic acid, iron and calcium.

Folic Acid is Essential

Folic Acid is essential for spinal cord and brain development and can help to reduce the risk of birth defects. Although it is found naturally in foods like dark, leafy greens, nuts and beans, pregnant women should make sure they consume around 400 micrograms in supplements each day.

Iron is Necessary

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