Pregnant? The Top 10 Wardrobe Essentials for the Next Nine Months

The Pregnant Fashion Roller Coaster

Your body is about to go through a roller coaster. But there is no reason you should set looking stylish and feeling beautiful aside. With the right mix of wardrobe essentials, you’ll sail through your pregnancy turning heads. We’ve broken this whole maternity fashion concept down for you into 10 must haves. Then, depending upon your due date, a couple of collection-enhancing pieces for that particular style season.

1. A stretch-knit little black dress
Channel Coco Chanel to remain chic while pregnant, stretch knits and empire waists can grow with you. You’ll feel slim and on-trend no matter what trimester you’re in or which season.

2. A pair of maternity skinny jeans
The perfect complement to fashionably flowy maternity tops, skinny jeans play with proportions to flatter your new and growing figure.

3. A pair of black knit maternity pants
Black is universally known to be sleek and slimming, while knit fabrications provides flattering stretch comfort. A great pair of black knit pants goes even further by matching almost everything else in your wardrobe.

4. A pair of convertible maternity cargos
Casual weekends demand cute cargos. And fortunately, those that make maternity wear know that. Look for a pair with tabbed hems, this enables you to wear them long or short depending upon the season.

5. A pair of crisp maternity slacks
Whether your workplace is business casual or life takes you places where a dressier trouser is ideal, find yourself a smart, neutral pair.

6. A versatile smocked bust maxi dress
Smocking is sexy, and it expands comfortably as you do, while the length of a maxi elongates and slims your silhouette.

7. A flowy, stretchy A-line print dress
Look for a trapeze silhouette, in an at-the-knee or above-the-knee length, this style is comfortable and it shows off a little leg. Find it in a fun print to feel more fashionable.

8. A maternity pencil skirt
Again, occasions arise where a dressier option is essential. And like the maxi dress, pencil skirts tend to elongate and slim. A banded elastic-waist maternity style is ideal.

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