Pregnancy Yoga Can Help You Before,During and After Labor!

Pregnancy Yoga Remains Trendy for a Reason

Pregnancy yoga is not the first thing that comes to mind when the word labor comes up. This rather trendy form of exercise may be exactly what you need while birthing your baby.  Not sure how? Let me explain.

There are many different opinions when it comes to pain relief during pregnancy. Some women want to have a completely drug free natural birth and other women ask for an epidural the second they enter the emergency room. Either way there are a few simple reasons pregnancy yoga will help out before, during and after pregnancy.

Pregnancy yoga will help with circulation and fluid retention while pregnant. Possibly relieving and easing swollen ankles this exercise will also ease back pain.  A very low impact way to stay in shape while pregnant, yoga allows women to lean to become more aware about their body and surroundings. When aware of their surroundings, many women can hear what their bodies are telling them. Not in a verbal way, but subtle signs are physically revealed in order to let a woman know labor is beginning.

Besides the stress relieving benefits that everyone knows yoga is good for pregnancy yoga is even better. Ask your health care provider is you are healthy enough to start a yoga class. If so, contact your local studio to see if they offer pregnancy classes.  These classes are limited in the intensity and keep safety a priority. Mainly dedicated to preparing women for childbirth, pregnancy yoga prepares the mind as well as the body.

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