Pregnancy Nutrition: Eating Right at Work is Possible

Working While Pregnant is Tough

Working full-time when you’re pregnant can be physically exhausting, especially since fatigue is a common pregnancy symptom. Eating right at work can help improve your energy levels, though. Sometimes, fatigue can be worsened by iron deficiency anemia ““ which often a complication during pregnancy. To fight against anemia and the fatigue that comes with it, make sure that you eat plenty of food that is rich in iron and protein ““ such as leafy green vegetables, iron-fortified cereals, bean, lean meats, poultry and seafood.

eating right at work

Eating Properly at Work

Eating right at work can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. If you regularly go out for lunch, you may have to be more selective of the restaurants you dine at, and the foods that you order. Try to avoid an eatery that specializes in fried or greasy foods, since these items will be hard for your stomach to digest. Instead, choose a place that offers a salad bar, or healthier options.

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