How to Beat Pregnancy Mood Swings

Tips to beat Pregnancy Mood Swings

While exercise may be the furthest thing from your mind, it can help to regulate hormones, as well as boost your metabolism, release endorphins, and keep you fit ““ which also helps for a healthy baby. A bit of exercise can also help you to sleep better at night which can in itself help to ease those pregnancy mood swings.

Take some you time ““ relax in a nice (warm, but not hot) bubble bath with a cool glass of cucumber water and your favorite book or hit the town with a friend for a movie (just stay away from rom coms or anything tragic).

How to Beat Pregnancy Mood Swings

At home when you feel yourself start to slip, find a way to distract yourself. At work, take a deep breath before you react and don’t be afraid to take a walk or close the door to your office for five minutes.

You might feel as though your pregnancy is one continuous whirlwind of emotion ““ while you can’t stop the swings from happening, know that they will in time fade. These pregnancy mood swings present an opportunity to practice what will soon become your favorite mantra: “This, too, shall pass.”

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