Pregnancy Exercise: Do it Yourself or Join a Class?

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Pregnancy Exercise can be a Lifesaver

Pregnancy exercise can be a lifesaver when you’re pregnant. Not only does regular exercise give you more energy ““ which you definitely need when you’re expecting ““ but it lessens your other pregnancy symptoms, like backaches, swelling, constipation, and overall discomfort. Another perk of pregnancy exercise is that it lifts your mood and makes you happier.

exercise in pregnancy

Staying fit is good, but should you do it yourself or join a prenatal class at your local gym? There’s no easy answer to this. It just depends on your motivation, how much time you plan on exercising each week, and whether you want to exercise with a group of other pregnant moms or not.

For some moms-to-be, they prefer to do their pregnancy exercises on their own. They may want to take a brisk walk first thing in the morning, or swim a few laps at the local pool. They may not want the social interaction that a prenatal class provides. Sometimes, you may not have enough time in your schedule to head to the gym and take a class. Prenatal classes also cost money, and if you’re on a budget and trying to save all your pennies for your baby, you may want to eliminate this unnecessary expense.

On the other hand, some expectant mothers may require the support of fellow pregnant women to get them to work out on a regular basis. When you join a class at the gym, you will want to sign up for a prenatal class. These classes modify your workout to accommodate your pregnancy. You can find prenatal classes for almost any exercise you prefer, but the most common pregnancy exercise classes include prenatal yoga, prenatal Pilates, and prenatal water aerobics. Another perk of prenatal classes is that they give you a chance to bond with other moms-to-be. If you’re single and pregnant, a prenatal class can offer you the opportunity to make new friends and get the support you need during your pregnancy.

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