Warning: The Risks and Diagnosis of Postpartum Depression

Symptoms for Postpartum Depression

Some common symptoms of postpartum depression include mood swings, sadness, anxiety, irritability, trouble sleeping, crying and decreased concentration. Any or all of these may be experienced within a few days of giving birth but if they don’t go away call your doctor. If you feel you have trouble bonding with your baby, if you have no appetite, if you feel shame or guilt, or if you have any thoughts of harming yourself or the baby call your doctor right away.

Your doctor will determine if you’re suffering from postpartum depression. This diagnosis is made, in part, if signs and symptoms develop within four weeks of having the baby. Your doctor may ask you to fill in a depression screening questionnaire, and he may run blood tests to make sure your thyroid isn’t contributing to your depression. Your doctor may suggest you meet with a mental health professional and he may prescribe certain medications to help with your depression.

Postpartum depression is taken very seriously by the medical community and seeking help as quickly as possible is key to overcoming this condition quickly. Some women feel better after several weeks while others can spend years suffering from postpartum depression. If you have any concerns about this while pregnant, be sure to discuss the postpartum depression risks and diagnosis with your doctor.

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