What are the Best Post Pregnancy Workout Exercises?

Post Pregnancy Workout: Deep Breathing

Breathing deeply not only helps to tone the stomach and abdominal muscles, it can help the body to relax and the mind to be calm. Deep breathing can start right after childbirth and be used as part of a post pregnancy workout later on.

The woman should sit straight up and inhale deeply using her diaphragm while tightly contracting the abdomen and midsection. The breath should be held for a few seconds then slowly exhaled. Over time, the woman should be able to hold the breath for slightly longer periods, which will aid in building up the core muscles.

Best Post Pregnancy Workout

Post Pregnancy Workout: Walking

Walking is a great way to start moving again after childbirth. New moms can start with short, brisk strolls and work up to power walks to increase energy. Alternating a zig-zag pattern with walking backwards will challenge and rebuild the muscles. When a woman is feeling strong and sure of her balance, she can bring the baby along in a pack to add weight and increase the benefits of the post pregnancy workout.

Getting back into shape is the concern of many women after giving birth, and following the post pregnancy workout tips above will ensure the best results.

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