Playing the Name Game: How to Name Your Baby

Unique Baby Names

With celebrity babies sporting names like “Apple,” “Pilot Inspektor” and “Blanket,” it can be difficult to find a name for your firstborn that truly feels unique. Even if you aren’t planning on tagging your kid with a kooky moniker, you’ll likely want to select a title that is meaningful to yourself, your partner and your family. If you’re looking to pick out the perfect first name for your son or daughter, here are some tips that can help.

1. Don’t over-think it. Women often spend a great deal of time thinking about what they would like to name their future little ones, but they tend to second guess themselves when the baby is actually about to be born. Have you always dreamed of picking a name similar to that of your father or grandfather? Did you have a doll in elementary school that you swore you would name your daughter after? Make a list of the names you’ve always loved to start your search out on the right foot.

2. Don’t get caught up in the hype. Although it may be trendy to select something wild, remember that your child’s name is permanent. If weighing the balance between a common and unique name is too difficult, try to imagine growing up with the name you’re considering. While little Johnny might get lost in a sea of 10 similarly named classmates, young Andter might spend his life having to explain over and over again that the “t” is silent.

3. Take your time. The name you pick for your little one is extremely important! Don’t let anyone rush you through the process and make sure you are confident in the choice you finalize. Some couples even wait until after their baby is born to settle on a moniker so that they can select a name that matches their newborn’s personality.

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