What Kind of Snacks to Pack to Avoid Embarrassing “Morning Sickness” at Work

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Are You Vomiting at Work?

How completely embarrassing would it be if you were working and you suddenly had to grab the nearest trashcan and vomit? This is actually a possibility if you’re dealing with morning sickness and you have to work. Most pregnant women can’t afford to take time off to deal with their first trimester nausea and vomiting. That’s why you have to plan ahead to avoid embarrassing episodes at work. One of the best ways to prepare is to pack “morning sickness” snacks to munch on throughout the day.

snacks to combat morning sickness

Eating small meals during the day can actually keep morning sickness at bay. If you eat too much all at once, this can make it harder for your sluggish digestive system to do its job. If you eat too little, the gastric acid in your tummy might start to gnaw on your stomach lining, which can really contribute to nausea. (Morning sickness is always worse when you have an empty stomach.)

Here are a few snack ideas that will make dealing with morning sickness at work less of a hassle.

  • Take a plastic bag with dry cereal. Sometimes, a handful of Cheerios or Special K can help you overcome your nausea. Dry cereal has the fiber and carbs you need to feel full, and it won’t be too difficult to digest. It’s also easy to eat, and that’s always helpful at work. If you don’t enjoy cereal, you can also carry saltine crackers or pretzels with you. These will also help keep nausea away.
  • Keep a box of ginger snaps (or ginger candy) at your desk. Sometimes, you can find ginger candy that’s individually wrapped, so place a few in your pocket or in your purse at all times. Ginger is known for keeping nausea away.
  • Have teabags in your purse or sitting at your desk. Make peppermint tea to sip on during the day. Peppermint tea will calm you and ease your nausea. Plus, it has a nice flavor, so if you are experiencing morning sickness along with a metallic or bitter taste in your mouth, peppermint tea will help mask that unpleasant taste. If you don’t like tea, you can also suck on peppermint candies to help with your nausea.
  • Pack a few tubs of Jell-O to keep with you during the day. Jello-O is light and easy for your stomach to digest.

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