Old Fashioned Baby Names Gain Steam Among New Parents

Hollywood Loves Vintage and Old Fashioned Baby Names

Celebrities helped to spark the trend of old fashioned baby names by reaching into the vaults of history to grab classic names for their little bundles of joy. Sarah Michelle Geller recharged the popularity of the name Charlotte when she gave it to her baby girl.

Harper is an old fashioned baby name that is getting a lot of hype right now. The nearly extinct name shot to popularity after Posh and David Beckham bestowed it upon their daughter.

About Old Fashioned Baby Names

Old Fashioned Baby Names Don’t Come as a Surprise

Parents who give their children classic names aren’t necessarily slaves to a trend. Names tend to be cyclical because new parents often name their babies after grandparents. The desire to give babies names with family meaning perpetuates a cycle of names coming back in style every hundred years or so. It should come as no surprise that the popular names of the 1920s have emerged as the hot names of 2013.

Everything that’s old is new again when it comes to popular baby names. Names that date back to Victorian times or earlier provide a refreshing reminder of an elegant era that contrasts the hectic and complicated stresses of the modern world.

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