Nursing Bling: Necklaces to Keep Baby Entertained

During the first few months of breastfeeding, most moms spend time learning how to latch their baby on correctly, but once you gain confidence in this, you may be presented with a new problem. As your baby develops, he or she  becomes more interested in everything else. Babies learn by exploring everything with their hands, mouth and eyes, and between the ages of three to six months your baby may easily become distracted while nursing. The solution: a nursing necklace.

Usually constructed from nylon or fiber cord, babies can hold on to the beads of a nursing necklace and fiddle with them while breastfeeding. If your baby can play with the necklace, it is less likely he or she will become distracted or pull your hair.

Nursing Necklace from Mommy Necklaces

While you may be tempted to use any necklace for this purpose, most “regular” necklaces are not made to withstand a baby’s tugs and can easily break apart. Additionally, the charms and gems on a regular necklace are a choking hazard if your baby is able to break the chain. The type of cord used on most nursing necklaces, however, is more durable.

When purchasing a nursing necklace, inquire about the type of cord and beads being used. Avoid buying necklaces with tiny beads or ones that are constructed with a thin cord, as these can be dangerous for your baby. The beads should be made from plastic or another durable material, since glass could break or chip. Beads should also be nontoxic and free of BPA, latex and other possible allergens or chemicals.

Once you’ve made sure it is safe, choose a necklace that best matches your style. Yes, a nursing necklace can double as an attractive accessory.

Nursing Necklaces: Style Picks

Nursing necklaces come in a range of colors and designs so you are  sure to find one that reflects your style. From a basic black necklace to one that is adorned with colorful beads, there are plenty of options for breastfeeding mommas. A tip: Experiment with different color choices in your necklace collection since new, vibrant colors will keep baby interested and fascinated.

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